Fishing Terminology

Fishing Terminology

Are you new to fishing? Do you dig in the cool terminologies used by the professionals? DO you want to learn the words related to fishing? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. When I started fishing for the first time, I used to feel a bit awkward around the professionals who are expert with the fishing terminology. So, for understanding them I have to learn all these terms. Here I have noted out the most important ones and explained it plainly so that you can learn without any tackle box


Aberdeen Hook: This is the name and shape of a fish hook

Aboard: On the boat

Action: a) The act of dragging the fly across the current and to give it an unnatural glide

  1. b) The time the fish is biting or getting a nibble

Air bladder: The gas-filled sac placed in the upper part of body cavity of the bony fish

Angling: Catching fish with hook, line and rod


Back trolling: Technique for trolling at a very slow speed

Bait cast rod or reel: The type of reel that is accompanied by rod

Barb: A small protrusion that is near the point of the hook which prevents the fish from getting unhooked

Bed: This is the nest that is cleared by the fish for laying eggs


Carolina Rig: The rig that helps the bait to fall slowly while staying close and deep to the bottom

Catch and release: It refers to the method of fishing


Drag: The device on the reel that allows the line to feed out even the reel is engaged

Dropshot: A type of rig in which the hook is up the line and the weight is linked to the line end


Fly fishing: This is a special technique and here the fly fisherman uses a special fishing rod and line for casting


GPS: This is the acronym of Global Positioning Systems. It determines one’s longitude and latitude


Inline Spinner: This is a fishing lure that comes with a single central wire and more than one blade that rotates around the shaft


Jerkbait: Soft or hard bodied lures that are long and thin


Livewell: A tank used to keep the fish or bait alive with water


Offshore fishing: Fishing is done on the ocean and this is done away from the shore


Plugs: A hard lure that is made of hollow or solid plastic or wood


Rod action: It refers to the amount of bend in the fishing rod when one put weight on tip


Slip bobber: The kind of float that is made of foam or wood around the hollow tube

Spincast reel: The spin cast reel wraps the line around the parallel spools but it sits on the top of the rod

Split shot: The small weight that splits down in the middle

Spoon: The lure that looks like spoon


Trailer hook: The extra hooks which attach to the lure and used for live bait rigs or spinner baits

Trailer: This is designed for carrying, launching and retrieving the boat


Wet Fly: The flies that sink below the surface


The Best Fishing has To Offer

These are the most common terms used by the fisherman these days. If you are new to fishing then you should learn these. There are plenty of great websites out there with a wealth of information on the topic of fishing.